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I am a PHP web developer working on CodeIgniter 4 framework. I have been creating websites and CRM systems for more than 10 years. During this period, I have been working with CodeIgniter 3, Zend framework, Yii framework, and some other platforms.

Why I choose CodeIgniter 4

My principles in work

I try to follow the OOP paradigm, using design patterns their best appropriate way. If you are close to the principles of KISS (keep it short and simple) and SOLID (shared responsibility principle), then we will get along. In my work I use modern technologies: Composer packages, Git branching, PHPUnit tests.

I write plain and clear code.

My experience

I am the author of the Basic App CMS, this is an open source site management system written by me on CodeIgniter 4.

More about my experience

I am a freelancer, looking for orders of creating sites and CRM systems.

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